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Action on the grass courts of Wimbledon is nearing its climax, as former champions and future stars competed in semifinal play. Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer advanced to the finals.
One year has passed since an American train derailed and exploded in a small Canadian town, killing 47 people and igniting debate over rail safety and oil shipment. Much of the town remains contaminated, with its downtown and some neighborhoods closed. North Country Public Radio's Brian Mann reports on efforts to grapple with the tragic disaster and rebuild the community.
Keyboard player Walter Martin is best known for his part in the indie band The Walkmen. After the group took a break last year, though, Martin ventured into kids music. Reviewer Stephen Shepherd says Martin's solo debut, We Are All Young Together, is surprising, sweet and playful.
Brazilian street artist Paulo Ito has captured the spirit of the World Cup with two controversial images. They both speak to viewers worldwide about the costs of staging the mega event.
Rick and Marianne wash dishes together. She no longer remembers that he is h...
Rick Rayburn became a full-time caregiver to Marianne, his wife of 42 years, after she developed dementia. She may not be the woman he married, but he says she's helping him become a better husband.
Dave (left) and Phil Alvin....
Dave and Phil Alvin have made their first full album together in nearly 30 years, a tribute to one of their early influences. Originally broadcast June 11, 2014.