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The Potato Chip Lady, aka Myrtle Young, died in August of this year. She was 90. Young became famous after showing her collection of unusually shaped chips to Tonight Show host Johnny Carson in 1987.
NPR's Arun Rath presents the work of a few musicians who died in 2014 but didn't get enough recognition, including a rockabilly forefather, an Indian mandolin player and a leading Texas bluesman.
For more than 30 years, Dr. Marion Downs pushed for newborns to be screened ...
Until the early '90s, young children often weren't tested for hearing loss until they had already missed out on a critical period for learning language. Dr. Marion Downs was determined to change that.
Die-ins, like this one at Union Station in Washington, D.C., on December 6, ...
In January, members of the American Dialect Society will vote on the 2014 Word of the Year. Linguist Ben Zimmer runs through some contenders — including words both old and new.
The first case in the current Ebola outbreak in Africa was found a year ago. Dr. Dan Cooper, a British health worker volunteering at a treatment center in Sierra Leone, describes how things are now.
Springfield Road cover....
Salena Godden grew up in 1970s England with a Jamaican mom and an absent English-Irish dad. In her memoir, Springfield Road, she looks back on her struggle to find her personal identity.