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An man in Oregon had a pistol and was openly carrying it which the state permits. The suspect, who had a more powerful gun, approached the man with the pistol and demanded he give him the weapon.
Australia last week signed a deal that would allow hundreds of asylum seekers to be resettled in Cambodia. Critics have condemned the deal as both wrong and possibly illegal under international law.
In a Morning Edition interview, Israeli leader Netanyahu disputed language used about a housing development in East Jerusalem. Steve Inskeep talks to author Ari Shavit about the Mideast war of words.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention launched a training program for health workers headed for West Africa to help with the outbreak. They're running it at a former Army base in Anniston.
Kenya's President Uhuru Kenyatta is the first sitting president to appear before the International Criminal Court. He faces charges stemming from deadly ethnic violence following the 2007 elections.
Several recent incidents of black men being shot by police have sparked national news coverage and policy debates. We examine what forces in the media and society are fueling this level of attention.