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Walter White's house on Breaking Bad is a real home in Albuquerque, N.M. But it's having a problem that comes straight out of the television series — tourists have been throwing pizzas on the roof to replicate a popular scene in the show.
Still recovering from a spate of scandals including a fence jumper who made it into the White House, the Secret Service now has a new issue to tackle. Two senior officers crashed a government car into a White House security barricade last week. They were allowed to go home, even though they had been drinking at a party that night.
"I've always believed in a zone of privacy," Clinton once said. Her use of a personal email account while secretary of state is just the latest example of trying to defend that zone.
A strong U.S. dollar is raising concerns that it may be too strong and cause problems for the U.S. economy. But many analysts say the positives of a strong dollar usually outweigh the negatives.
Idaho preschool teacher Mary Allen listens to one of her students during the...
Congress has not reauthorized special assistance for rural communities this year. But to pay for extra programs like preschool, Basin School District doesn't have many other options.
"Brewers in my district are about not only about the sort of art of brewing,...
Craft beer is a rapidly-growing industry and Washington lawmakers have noticed. Two proposed bills would lower the federal excise tax for small brewers.