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It was a day of demonstrations in cities across the nation on Tuesday. The turnout and tone of the protests, organized with the Black Lives Matter movement, were varied.
On Tuesday's program, we offered some tried but apparently no longer true advice for listeners who drive. We explain why "9 and 3" is the new "10 and 2."
Hillary Clinton says she's running for president because "Americans and their families need a champion." She's trying to convey that message on her first trip to Iowa since announcing her candidacy.
Jail terms were given to most Atlanta educators, who were convicted this month of conspiring to cheat on state tests to earn raises and bonuses. Steve Inskeep talks to Rachel Aviv of The New Yorker.
It's hard to get politicians to see eye to eye. But it in Minnesota's state Senate, it's actually against the rules. The latest effort to change the rule failed.
A friend took Julianne White for a plane ride. In a field below, Noah Matthews had written in 450-foot letters: Prom? She said yes.