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People gathered to pay their respects to the two victims who died in the attacks in Copenhagen. The suspected gunman was killed by police, and two men have been charged in connection with the attack.
One quarter of India lives with little or no light when the sun goes down. Green entrepreneurs are looking to spread the light with renewable energy and alleviate poverty in the bargain.
The cease-fire meant to end nearly a year of fighting in eastern Ukraine looks increasingly fragile. David Greene talks to Katerina Malofeyeva, a resident of Donetsk, who assists journalists.
A company that once paid Lance Armstrong millions of dollars for winning the Tour de France announced he has to pay $10 million of it back. The award was the result of an arbitration hearing.
Libya is a country divided. We hear from the defense ministers for the rival governments at war with each other. Extremism is thriving in the security vacuum.
School closings and high crime in some neighborhoods are big issues as Rahm Emanuel battles four challengers who want his job. President Obama is headed to town to give his former top aide a boost.