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School closings and high crime in some neighborhoods are big issues as Rahm Emanuel battles four challengers who want his job. President Obama is headed to town to give his former top aide a boost.
Lesley Gore was most known for her anthem of teen angst, but her career had multiple hits, as well as an Oscar nomination. She was only 16 when she released "It's My Party."
A federal judge in Texas said President Obama had overstepped his authority. The president's plan was designed to shield from deportation as many as 4 million people living in this country illegally.
A banner on its website reads: "That's it. We surrender. Winter, you win. Key West anyone?" It encourages people to visit Ithaca when things thaw out.
Once it was clear no one was hurt, readers of were inspired. One reader asked: "What do you get when you crash the Wienermobile into a snowbank?" The answer: "A Chili dog."
Secretary of State John Kerry held a press conference Tuesday with the Saudi foreign minister. Prince Saud al-Faisal said his country cannot ignore Iran and Hezbollah's support of Assad's regime. NPR foreign correspondent Deb Amos explains Saudi Arabia's role in Syria.