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Alabama Shakes' new album, Sound & Color, is powered by more than just the v...
On their new album, the band's backing musicians match the intensity of lead singer Brittany Howard.
In 2009, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force said the benefits of mammograms for women under 50 were small at best. A firestorm ensued. Now the organization is back with the same message.
NPR's Robert Siegel speaks with Leonard Doyle of the International Organization for Migration, which estimates that more than 21,000 migrants have made it to Europe since the beginning of the year.
The winners of this year's Pulitzer Prizes in journalism, fiction, poetry, drama, music, biography, history and nonfiction were announced Monday at Columbia University in New York.
The Michigan Micro Mote (M3) is the world's smallest computer. The temperatu...
Gordon Moore's observation on the exponential improvement in hardware has pushed computers to be faster, smaller and cheaper. But there may be a point where tech advancements outpace the theory.
Saudi Arabia's army fires artillery shells toward Houthi rebels along the Sa...
Much of the world is skeptical about the wisdom of the bombing raids in Yemen. But Saudis are rallying around their new king, Salman, and his son, the defense minister.