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"Would you want someone eating your food and drinking your drinks?"...
Colleagues steal Greek yogurt and half-eaten oranges, and bosses help themselves to their employees' frozen dinner. Yes, fridge theft is apparently rampant in offices all over the world.
"The stock market is rigged," says Michael Lewis, and high-frequency traders...
Author Michael Lewis says high-frequency traders have figured out a way to game the system. Some of those traders say that while there are "bad actors," high-speed trading plays a legitimate role.
Jon Langford with Skull Orchard....
The Mekons and Waco Brothers veteran often places his left-wing politics front and center in his music and his art. Here Be Monsters has a way of mixing pretty melodies with harsh criticisms.
The NSA managed to penetrate the networks of the giant Chinese telecommunications firm Huawei, documents show. Journalist David Sanger says cyber-espionage is an "entirely new field of conflict."
In the Afghan capital Kabul, a suicide bomber wearing a police uniform walked up to a checkpoint outside the headquarters of the Interior Ministry and killed several members of the national police.
By a 5-4 vote, the justices eliminated the cap on the total amount donors can contribute in an election cycle. The aggregate limit had been $123,000.