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Human Rights Watch offers new photographic and video evidence that shows Iraqi militias looting property and burning homes and villages of Sunni civilians in areas formerly controlled by ISIS.
You'd think the British would have their tea down by now. But The Telegraph says most brew their tea incorrectly, letting it steep for just two minutes instead of at least five.
Before sending agents to the White House, the Secret Service wants to give them realistic training. The agency requested $8 million to build a replica. Some lawmakers say one White House is enough.
The Gullah people, who are descendants of West African slaves, want to return to land the U.S. government took away during WWII. But the land has been a wildlife refuge for 40 years.
The three nations said they would join the fledging Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, which is largely funded by China. But the U.S. sees the new bank as a rival to the World Bank.
The Obama administration describes U.N. peacekeeping as a "growth industry," but experts warn that troops and police sent to global hotspots are "way behind the curve" when it comes to technology.