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Fresh Air critic Kevin Whitehead reviews two albums by Thelonious Monk jazz competition winners: Melissa Aldana and Joshua Redman.
The drama is set in a New York hospital in 1900, when surgeons were developing new techniques. Series creators Jack Amiel and Michael Begler and medical historian Stanley Burns talk about the show.
Dr. Gil Yosipovitch is a leading scientist in the field of itch. He says he hopes to gain more respect for the debilitating power of chronic itch — and to get more doctors on the search for a cure.
When police officers gathered up everyone at a Ferguson McDonald's, 2 reporters were also picked up. Steve Inskeep talks to Wesley Lowery of The Washington Post, who was one of the reporters arrested.
California lawmakers came to an agreement on a $7.5 billion bond package to address the state's drought. Gov. Jerry Brown signed the proposal, and now the public will vote on the measure in November.
Erick Sanchez wanted Kenny Loggins and his band to play a 75-minute set in his living room. Within 10 days, the Kickstarter campaign had reached its goal of $30,000.