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Michelle Goldberg is a senior contributing writer for The Nation....
In her new book, Michelle Goldberg traces the Western practice of yoga to a Russian woman named Indra Devi. Goldberg says that many of the poses in modern yoga can't be traced beyond 150 years ago.
A Stradivarius cello is at the center of Elena Delbanco's new novel, The Silver Swan. Delbanco dicusses how the book echoes her own childhood, as the daughter of a renowned cellist.
Sen. Rand Paul blocked extension of a program that allowed bulk collection of Americans' phone records during a Sunday Senate session. And, more candidates are announcing a run for the White House.
Researchers say it's the first discovery of a wreck that sank while carrying slaves. Renee Montagne talks to Lonnie Bunch of the Smithsonian's National Museum of African-American History and Culture.
While Ukrainians fear another offensive, Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a measure saying that Russian military casualties during peacetime will now be considered a state secret.
So far, it's a voluntary program. But as cars become more fuel efficient, the state could expand it, if it proves to be a successful way of offsetting stagnant gas tax revenues.