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For details on how news of recent killings has been received in Israel, Robert Siegel turns to Ari Shavit, senior correspondent for the Israeli newspaper Haaretz.
Using a Freedom of Information Act request, Brian Bennett of the Los Angeles Times recently obtained data on deportations. As Bennett explains to Robert Siegel, the numbers show that deportations of minors have dropped significantly since 2008.
A bloody Fourth of July weekend left 60 people shot in Chicago, nine of them fatally, since Thursday afternoon. Many of the weekend's shootings occurred in the city's South Side neighborhoods.
In an encore installment of our Found Recipes series, cookbook writer Katie Workman talks about an amazing citrus and whipped cream pie called "Atlantic Beach Pie."
In his first meeting with victims of clerical sex abuse, Pope Francis asked forgiveness on behalf of the church.
Democratic Congressman Mike Michaud speaks at the Gay Pride Parade and Festi...
The state could elect the nation's first openly gay governor this fall. But Mike Michaud only recently came out, and some question whether he deserves the backing of Maine's largest gay rights group.