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In 1981, NPR's Don Gonyea's was working as a disc jockey in Michigan when he got an interview with Johnny Cash at a county fair. (This piece first aired on Feb. 23, 2013 on Weekend Edition Saturday).
Author Peter Pomerantsev talks to David Greene about how the Kremlin has maintained Russian President Vladimir Putin's popularity at home despite this year's challenges.
The Sony comedy, The Interview, opened in independent theaters across the country on Christmas Day. Seth Rogin, one of the stars of the movie, made an unannounced visit to a theater in Los Angeles.
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan used 2014 to assert new powers but found no clear path for handling the militant threat next door in Syrian and Iraq.
Of course they don't, but they do have the genetic machinery to make fingers — something that shows how similar fish are to modern mammals.
Ants that live in a rocky maze-like setting prefer to turn left when they enter a space. Ants aren't as symmetrical as they appear. Their left eye may be better than the right for detecting predators.