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The Washington Post reported the mistake. But officials contend it was really a brilliant ruse to get attention and fight voter apathy.
A third of young Americans report no religious affiliation. Given the odds, you might expect life around a college chaplain's office to be pretty dull these days. Not so.
A day after news that a second healthcare worker in Texas has Ebola, members of Congress grilled Centers for Disease Control and Prevent Director Tom Frieden about the federal response.
The St. Louis Cardinals may be eliminated from the Major League Baseball playoffs on Thursday night. The community around the Gateway City is still tense in the aftermath of the Michael Brown shooting.
Apple and Facebook now offer egg freezing to female employees. Audie Cornish talks to Emma Rosenblum, an editor at Bloomberg Businessweek, about what the move means for women's careers.
Melissa Block talks to BBC correspondent Andrew North about the blizzard and avalanches in Nepal that have killed at least 27 trekkers. The dead include hikers as well as Nepali herders and guides.