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The Channel Islands Research Cruise for Acidification Studies crew, Kevin Jo...
Marine biologists are witnessing oceans grow more acidic. There may be hope though as underwater vegetation along coastlines may buffer the acidity like a Tums does for acid indigestion.
Steve Inskeep talks to Ehab El-Ghussain, deputy information minister for the Palestinian government.
The long serving mayor of Providence, Rhode Island, spent more than four years in prison on felony corruption charges and was forced to resign — twice. And now he is running again for mayor.
The illegal gambling operation is accused of taking millions of dollars in bets on FIFA World Cup soccer games.
U.S. customs inspectors at Los Angeles International Airport intercepted dozens of live snails. In Nigeria, they are considered a delicacy. But in California, they are an invasive species.
For the first time, rockets from Hamas caused damage in Palestinian areas of the West Bank. Reporter Daniel Estrin surveys a damaged home and asks Palestinians how they feel about getting caught in the crossfire.