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A campaign sign for John F. Kennedy, a Republican running for office in Geor...
JFK is running for a Georgia state Senate seat this year — John Flanders Kennedy, that is. He's a Republican, but his signs bear an uncanny similarity to the logo the former president once used.
Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of the Internet startup Reddit, says he and his p...
The Federal Communications Commission's proposal would let Web companies pay for faster access. But entrepreneurs, like Reddit's co-founder, are wondering how they would have fared with such rules.
Tyler Hicks took this photo of a woman sheltering her children on the floor ...
The New York Times photojournalist happened to be nearby when Islamist militants launched an attack on shoppers inside an upscale Kenyan mall — he rushed inside and took photos as the event unfolded.
Sixteen Sherpas died in Nepal last week after an avalanche swept them off the face of Mount Everest. While some are boycotting the climbing season, others say they can't because it's their livelihood.
The harsh, persistent winter may have been partly to blame. New home sales are at their lowest pace since last July.
On Thursday, the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission will propose new rules for how broadband providers should treat the Internet traffic flowing through their networks.