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Swedish athletes on an adventure race in Ecuador fed a stray dog a meatball. The dog kept up with them for six days. At the end of the race, one of the athletes adopted the dog they named Arthur.
The pardoning of a turkey is a long standing tradition in the White House. But Seattle Mayor Ed Murray says his city is known for being a little bit "granola."
Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon says more than 2,200 National Guardsmen will be stationed throughout Ferguson on Tuesday night, ready to act to protect lives and property.
In reaction to the grand jury's decision to file no charges in the Michael Brown case, protests continued on Tuesday in Ferguson, Mo., and cities across the country.
An estimated 46 million Americans will take to the road this Thanksgiving. We survey some of the best recorded comedy and audiobooks so you can laugh away the tension if you're stuck in traffic.
The prosecuting attorney in St. Louis County has released thousands of pages of documents from the Michael Brown case that offer differing accounts of the 90-second confrontation between Officer Darren Williams and Brown, which ended in Brown's death.