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Kinder Morgan is proposing the pipeline to carry oil and natural gas through South Carolina, Georgia and Florida. But smaller oil suppliers are also concerned about markets like Savannah, Georgia.
The National Archives exhibit explores America's long and sometimes troubled history with alcohol. NPR's Audie Cornish talks with Derek Brown, the exhibit's "Chief Spirits Advisor."
NPR corrects two errors on All Things Considered this week in stories about the Amtrak train derailment and the new partnership between Facebook and news organizations.
NPR's Audie Cornish speaks to Thomas Fuller of The New York Times about the several thousand Rohingya migrants who fled Myanmar. No country will take them in, and they are adrift at sea.
American blues great B.B. King died Thursday in Las Vegas at the age of 89. King played many guitars over the years, and all of them were named "Lucille."
Graduates of a training program pose for a portrait after a completion cerem...
For years now, the Center for Urban Families has provided training in the city's poorest neighborhood. People don't just work on their resumes, but also attitude and life skills.