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In Platte, S.D., the results of the mayor's race were too close to call. In accordance with state law, they rolled a pair of dice. The incumbent rolled a four, the challenger a seven.
Aetna recently announced one of its largest pay hikes recently. CEO Mark Ber...
Aetna, the giant health insurance company, raised its minimum wage this month. CEO Mark Bertolini says he expects the raise will pay for itself through increased productivity.
The House panel voted Thursday to advance a bill that would end the National Security Agency's bulk collection of Americans' phone records.
Duc Nguyen left Vietnam in 1975 as a boat person fleeing the communist advance. Now he has returned to an unlikely place — the seat of the communist government in Hanoi.
Former Guantanamo prison inmates walk between their tents and the U.S. Embas...
The men, resettled there after years in detention, say they aren't getting enough assistance. Camped outside the U.S. Embassy, they are seeking housing and other help reintegrating into society.
NPR's Melissa Block talks with Washington Post reporter Michael Fletcher about his experience as a reporter — and a black man — living in Baltimore for the past 30 years.