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When there's no bun involved, is it a sandwich? The KFC Double Down is bacon...
Is a burrito a sandwich? The answer may sound simple to you ... but the question gets at the very heart of a tension that's existed for ages.
In Iraq, a Ramadan game called Mheibbis brings even Sunnis and Shiites together in peaceful competition.
Argentina beat out the Netherlands for a trip to the World Cup final, winning the game in penalty kicks. In the final, Argentina will face Germany, which dismantled Brazil in stunning fashion.
Several families share this one-room underground shelter in Ashkelon, Israel...
The escalating conflict around the Gaza Strip has turned daily routines upside down. A family in Ashkelon, Israel, and one in Gaza City both take shelter — and struggle to keep their children safe.
Inside RCA Studio A, whose sale has sparked a wave of backlash from the Nash...
After decades hosting country greats, RCA Studio A is in jeopardy — and there are local music titans on both sides of the fight.
Deep Springs College is an all-male school — and a working ranch. It sounds very macho, but the increasingly diverse student body says being a man is all about questioning the meaning of masculinity.