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The singer known as the "empress of the blues" is the subject of a new HBO biopic. Jazz Night In America host Christian McBride breaks down her influence and legacy.
Michelle McKelvey (left) and Meg McKelvey sit near demonstrators outside of ...
Justice Kennedy, seen as the determinative vote in the same-sex marriage cases before the Supreme Court, was very tough on gay marriage advocates.
Cartoonist Art Spiegelman attends the French Institute Alliance Francaise's ...
NPR's Robert Siegel talks with author Art Spiegelman about how his book Maus — the very antithesis of Nazi propaganda — was purged from Moscow stores because it has a large swastika on the cover.
Volunteer Patrick Pezzati searches yards in Turners Falls, Mass., for discar...
The rise in heroin use in the town of Turners Falls, Mass., has led to another problem: a proliferation of discarded hypodermic needles. Police can't keep up, so they've asked residents to help.
After a night of violent riots broke out in parts of Baltimore City Monday, local residents were focused on rebuilding and getting a handle on things after a tense night. But they also had another thing in mind: the possibility that new waves of violence could shatter the relative morning calm Tuesday.
President Obama called the perpetrators of the violence "criminals" during a joint news conference with the Japanese prime minister Tuesday. He said their actions obscured peaceful protests.