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For the first time, the Vatican has put one of its own under house arrest for alleged sex abuse of minors. Josef Wesolowski is the Vatican's former ambassador to the Dominican Republic and was defrocked in June.
Several big voting law cases are still undecided just weeks before the election. The outcomes will not only affect how voters cast their ballots in November, but election laws for years to come.
The international strategy to deal with Iraq seems fairly clear cut — help Iraqi forces beat back a terrorist group that controls much of its territory. In Syria, that's far more complicated.
Rachel Martin speaks with Hadi al-Bahra, leader of the Syrian Opposition Coalition, who is in New York this week to address the United Nations General Assembly.
At the United Nations, President Obama made the case for American intervention in the Mideast to counter ISIS, but called for an international response against that threat and others.
Rachel Martin and Melissa Block read letters from listeners about the NFL.