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Bruce Sinofsky died Saturday of complications from diabetes. He was 58 years old.
To safely lift Bernard Valencia out of his hospital bed, Cheri Moore uses a ...
The Department of Veterans Affairs is taking a lead among other hospital systems in the country to keep nurses and other staff from getting injured when they move and lift patients.
Kelly McEvers talks with Baher Mohamed, an Egyptian journalist for Al Jazeera English. Mohamed was imprisoned for alleged assistance to the banned Muslim Brotherhood.
The FCC votes Thursday on rules that would make Internet providers treat all traffic equally. Big wireless companies say that will make it harder to keep their networks from getting too congested.
Woman leaving house with family checking smartphone....
The ultimate smart-home vision is a home that basically runs itself, from coffee makers to washing machines. But we're not there yet: The real world is a hard place for little computers to operate in.
Marcus Stern has spent the past year investigating the practice. Recent accidents in Canada and U.S. show that the cars aren't built for carrying so much oil, he says, and tracks are deteriorating.