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Hundreds of Louisiana shrimping boats are docked this week, their nets dry. Shrimpers want more money for their catch. Current prices barely allow them to cover their fuel bills.
The U.S. fight against the extremist group that calls itself Islamic State is expanding. President Obama's strategy includes expanding air strikes in Iraq and extending into neighboring Syria.
Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee Mike Rogers talks to Steve Inskeep about whether Congress will authorize military action against militant members of the Islamic State.
Steve Inskeep talks to Paul Watson, a Toronto Star columnist, about the discovery from the Franklin Expedition, which went missing 169 years ago while searching for the Northwest passage.
The class planted 100 onions in June and planned to harvest them this month. But when the students returned for the new school year, the onions were gone.
In Boston, a convicted felon, who isn't supposed to have weapons, posted photos of himself with guns on Twiter. A Fla. man fell asleep while apparently robbing a house. He slept as police took photos.