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Steve Inskeep talks to Republican State Sen. Cam Ward and Southern Poverty Law Center attorney Maria Morris about efforts to work across political lines to reduce the state prison population.
A South African elephant rubbed itself against the roof of a VW Polo. A field guide tells the Daily Mirror that elephants often satisfy their itches against logs and small trees but none were nearby.
A Virginia man rode a bike into the drive-through lane of a bank. He told the tellers he had a bomb. In Minnesota, police say a man drove a bulldozer while drunk and ended up in the Mississippi River.
The U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit has brought together scores of African leaders and American businessmen. Billions of dollars of investments have been announced this week. While Africa is becoming attractive to investors, some countries are drawing more attention than others.
In Gaza City, one business in particular is thriving: Ice Man. People line up to buy bags of crushed ice to cool drinks and keep medications at the right temperature — as long as the owner can get gasoline for his generator.
Two years ago, the Obama administration began granting relief from deportations with the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. Yet half of the unauthorized immigrants who are eligible still haven't applied.