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A History of Loneliness addresses the difficult subject of child sexual abuse by Catholic priests. NPR's Rachel Martin speaks with author John Boyne about his novel.
A Canadian man has run out of luck in his bid to claim a winning lottery ticket. Joel Ifergen bought a winning ticket in 2008, but it was printed seven seconds after the draw closed.
A view of Oslo, Norway, taken from the surrounding hills. Author Michael Boo...
Are the Nordic countries really the utopias they're cracked up to be? NPR's Rachel Martin speaks with Michael Booth about his new book that attempts to answer that question.
Al Jazeera journalist Peter Greste will be deported to Australia. He is one of three Al Jazeera journalists who were arrested in December 2013. NPR's Rachel Martin talks to Leila Fadel in Cairo.
Giant chunks of ice break away from the Hans Glacier in Svalbard, Norway, in...
Glaciers moan and groan. They crackle, fizz and rumble. Researchers say the noises they make might help us understand how fast they're melting.
Cover crop...
Kid President (aka 11-year-old Robby Novak) is an Internet sensation whose sunny, personality-driven YouTube videos have garnered over 75 million views. Now, he's written a book on how to be awesome.