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Our panelists predict what will be the first thing President Obama and the new Republican-led Congress agree on.
Aasif Mandvi, best known as The Daily Show's senior Muslim correspondent, ha...
New York Times' Cooper talks about reporting on Ebola in Liberia; David Edelstein reviews Interstellar; Mandvi discusses his new essay collection No Land's Man.
Winston Churchill was a writer, an orator and a Tory. So is London Mayor Boris Johnson, and he has a new book about the late prime minister. NPR's Scott Simon speaks with Johnson about his new book.
Even as Detroit attempts to exit municipal bankruptcy and wipe away its debt, the city still suffers widespread unemployment. Experts say it will take Detroit years to become healthy again.
Fifteen-year-old guitar player Quinn Sullivan is on tour with blues legend Buddy Guy. NPR's Linda Wertheimer speaks with Sullivan and Guy about their friendship and musical kinship.
Radio Glasnost host Ilona Marenbach in West Berlin 1987. In the final years ...
In the final years before the Berlin Wall fell, East Germans described their grievances on cassette tapes that were smuggled to West Berlin and then broadcast back to the east on Radio Glasnost.