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The International Space Station crew took delivery of a projection screen that measures 65 inches. It's supposed to be for video conferences only, but the other day the crew watched the movie Gravity.
Electric lights cause millions of birds to crash into buildings. Now, the state of New York will turn off bright outdoor lights in its buildings during the spring and fall migration seasons.
NPR's Melissa Block speaks with Adam Entous, a correspondent for the Wall Street Journal, about his report on the FBI's role in arranging a ransom to al-Qaida to help free hostage Warren Weinstein.
The Nazi concentration camp at at Dachau was liberated by U.S. troops 70 years ago Wednesday. Survivors and U.S. Army veterans are gathering at the camp in Germany for a commemoration this weekend.
Some casinos are trying a new strategy to attract players. They're switching out games based on luck for games of skill. NPR's Planet Money goes to Atlantic City to try one of these experiments.
For the series on Vietnam, tomorrow NPR visits Nguyen Qui Duc, who fled the country before the communist takeover in 1975. He now lives in Hanoi and says he feels more at home than ever.