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Matthew Miller, an Americans detained in North Korea, received six years of hard labor. NPR's Lynn Neary talks to Columbia University's Charles Armstrong about the importance of this sentencing.
NPR's Lynn Neary speaks with Lee Rainie of the Pew Research Center about a new study that looks at the reading habits of millennials.
Bob Crewe co-wrote and produced such hits for Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons as "Walk Like A Man," "Rag Doll" and "Sherry." He died Thursday at the age of 83.
Scotland's independence vote is just a few days away. NPR's Lynn Neary talks to the best-selling Scottish novelist Val McDermid about her thoughts on the referendum.
NPR's Lynn Neary ponders the plunder of a preschool pumpkin patch.
Sunday Puzzle....
Every answer today is a word or name with an accented syllable "pee" — spelled in any way — but always occurring inside the word, never at the start or end.