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General Motors is signaling its plans to ask a bankruptcy judge for protection from lawsuits related to a defective switch recall. This could further complicate its current public relations crisis.
A unit originally created to keep the peace during the civil rights movement is training law enforcement on how to be more sensitive to transgender witnesses and crime victims.
Kinder Than Solitude is Yiyun Li's sixth book....
Ellah Allfrey reviews Kinder Than Solitude, by Yiyun Li.
Unlike many young women in her ultra-Orthodox Jewish community, Yael Mizrach...
Young ultra-Orthodox Jews are increasingly pursuing college degrees or joining the workforce. That's challenged matchmaking customs and led to a new service that connects like-minded men and women.
During the Great Depression, the federal government purchased hundreds of thousands of works by American artists. But in the decades since, much of that art has gone missing.
Pakistani motorists wait in line at a refueling station in the outskirts of ...
A plan to replace imported oil with domestic natural gas has led to fuel shortages and long lines in Pakistan. A businessman has spent $500,000 of his own money to develop an affordable solar car.