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Students, sexual assault activists and the legal profession react to the continuing fall-out from the Rolling Stone article of an alleged gang rape on the University of Virginia's campus. The magazine apologized for some faulty reporting.
Ten to 12 new cases are reported daily, primarily around the capital and outlying areas. On Monday, Liberia's president announced an initiative, Ebola Must Go, that focuses on getting communities more involved in anti-Ebola measures.
Now that the accuracy of the article about sexual assaults at the school is being called into question, the conversation is changing and activists hope the attention will stay on sexual assault.
A member of the Saudi border guards force mans a machine gun at the border w...
The six-member Gulf Cooperation Council is expected to form an unprecedented, NATO-inspired joint military command. The growing strength of ISIS and Iran's influence has made cooperation more urgent.
The new book The Professor and the President looks back at how Democratic Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan pushed the Nixon White House to embrace a relatively liberal plan.
Wilfredo Díaz left Honduras 16 years ago before his third child was born, a...
A new State Department program would allow U.S.-based Latino parents to bring over children left in home countries. More than 57,000 children made the trip across the U.S.-Mexican border this year.