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A California measure will limit the amount of full contact middle and high school football players can have during practice. The new law takes effect January 1.
Major industries from cars to tech couldn't function without zinc. Business is booming at the mine in Ireland — especially since China stopped exporting its supply.
A major snow storm in the Alps over the weekend trapped skiers and vacationers. According to officials, as many as 37,000 vehicles were stuck Saturday night in the Savoie region of the Alps.
There is another challenge to Obamacare. This one is not as high profile as the last one, but it has the power to gut the program. The high court may also decide to weigh in on the gay marriage issue.
Pennsylvania was once the national capital of nails. Never mind the ball drop in New York's Times Square, West Fairview will drop a 7-foot nail.
A zoo in Japan takes its penguins on a 30-minute waddle twice a day during the winter to keep them from getting too chubby. Visitors line the route and snap pictures of the penguins.