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French authorities have recovered the cockpit voice recorder from Germanwings flight 9525. The search for remains and the flight data recorder resumed at daylight in a rugged area of the French Alps.
Veterans may go outside the VA for private medical care if they had to wait more than 30 days for an appointment or live more than 40 miles from a VA facility. The location rule has been updated.
John Urschel is an offensive linesman for the Baltimore Ravens, and he's also a published mathematician. He talks to David Greene about his love of math and why he plays in the NFL.
Engineers have come up with a credit-card-sized test for the presence of anthrax bacteria. They believe the new test will make it harder for terrorists to get their hands on the deadly bacteria.
Frederick Hutson disrupted the biggest captive market in America. While in prison, he honed a business plan and re-imagined that system as an untapped consumer base.
It only took the vehicle 11 years and 2 months. That's the furthest any off-earth vehicle has traveled — beating out the Soviet Union's moon rover.