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Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., speaks to members of the media after visiting t...
The shooting at a historically black church in Charleston briefly put a pause on the campaign. But eventually politics crept back in, and both sides, as usual, took different lessons from the tragedy.
Woodson, the author of the young adult novel Brown Girl Dreaming, says that growing up in South Carolina, she knew that the safest place was with her family. Originally broadcast Dec. 10, 2014.
Director Pete Docter had the idea for this movie a little over five years ago after he saw his own 11-year-old daughter become sad and tried to imagine how the world looked through her eyes.
Renee Montagne talks to historian Douglas Egerton about Denmark Vesey, a former slave and one of the founders of Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, S.C., where 9 people were shot to death Wednesday.
German families in the 60s loved cheap American-raised chicken. And Americans loved cheap VW Beetles. We hear how a trade dispute over frozen chicken parts changed the American auto industry.
As the South Carolina city grieves, Steve Inskeep talks to Pastor Thomas Dixon, who is a community activist and president of the Carolina Alliance for Fair Employment.