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In the lead-up to Saturday's mega-bout between premier boxers Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao, Pacquiao is widely viewed as "the good guy." It's a role the Filipino boxer knows well.
Senators Charles Grassley and Sheldon Whitehouse will introduce bipartisan legislation to increase funding and overhaul a federal law that's designed to protect juveniles.
The Baltimore Orioles defeated the Chicago White Sox Wednesday afternoon, but the roar of the crowd played no part in the victory. That's because the game was played in a nearly empty stadium.
Nepal's international airport has one runway. That has complicated efforts to get goods and supplies into the country after Saturday's earthquake. It also hinders evacuating people who want to leave.
The International Space Station crew took delivery of a projection screen that measures 65 inches. It's supposed to be for video conferences only, but the other day the crew watched the movie Gravity.
Electric lights cause millions of birds to crash into buildings. Now, the state of New York will turn off bright outdoor lights in its buildings during the spring and fall migration seasons.