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Glenn Close stars as Agnes in Edward Albee's play A Delicate Balance....
Close stars as a suburban matron in a revival of Edward Albee's 1966 play. She tells NPR about the timelessness of Albee's play and getting a nosebleed in the middle of a recent matinee.
The updated avian tree shows how many different kinds of birds evolved quick...
Geneticists have revised the evolutionary tree of birds, revealing some unlikely relationships.
Scott Saul is an associate professor of English at the University of Califor...
Scott Saul's new book, Becoming Richard Pryor, describes how Pryor went from being raised by a grandmother, who was a bootlegger and madam, to being a transformative figure in entertainment.
Fresh Air jazz critic Kevin Whitehead reviews three box sets featuring memorable pianists.
Researchers are studying how nations and individuals react when they given information that members of their own group have harmed other people, such as through torture. It takes some nimble thinking.
Any NFL player involved in an assault or in domestic or sexual violence would be suspended for at least six games under rules approved Wednesday. The players' union is reviewing the updates.