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On January 27, 1877, a person in France posted a letter. This year, the great-granddaughter of the intended recipient opened it to find an order for yarn. The letter was marked: high-speed delivery.
Schoolgirls in Ethiopia examine a new feminine product: underwear with a poc...
It's menstrual hygiene. The topic makes many folks uncomfortable. Yet in the developing world, it's a problem that keeps girls from going to school and playing in sports. Now things are changing.
Nigerian fans stand and deliver cheers at a match against Australia, played ...
The U.S. team, which plays Nigeria tonight at the Women's World Cup, is a tournament favorite. But Nigeria's funtastic fans deserve a cup of their own.
Billionaire investor Kirk Kerkorian, who built Las Vegas hotels, died Monday at 98.
A House panel is looking into the massive data breach revealed earlier this month that affected millions of current and former federal workers. As a result of the hack, the Obama administration has ordered what its calling a "30-day cybersecurity sprint" to better protect federal information. Is it window dressing or something substantive?
The FBI is investigating an alleged hack by members of the St. Louis Cardinals organization against a rival now working for the Houston Astros. The teams say they're cooperating with federal officials.