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President Obama and congressional leaders have lunch on Friday, a first step toward bridging differences after an election that saw power shift to the Republicans. Oh, to be a fly on the wall!
Last week, a commercial spaceship built by Virgin Galactic crashed during a test flight. More than 700 had signed up for flights on the craft, and many are sticking with the project — for now.
Earlier generations of science fiction fretted about nuclear radiation or alien invasion. What powers Interstellar is an up-to-date concern about the viability of Earth as home for the human race.
Bans on same-sex marriage in Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee were confirmed by a federal court Thursday, reversing lower courts' decisions.
The judge must decide if the plan is fair to Detroit's creditors and feasible for the city to accomplish, as it seeks to shed $7 billion in debt and invest more than a billion in city services.
The Labor Department releases the October employment report Friday. The unemployment rate is expected to stay the same at 5.9 percent. Economists think employers added about 230,000 jobs to payrolls.