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Turkey began bombing campaigns over Iraq and Syria and arrested hundreds of people suspected of having ties to the Islamic State, also known ISIS. Turkey also is targeting more than the Islamic State.
Federal regulators said the company failed to complete numerous safety recalls on more than 11 million vehicles. Fiat Chrysler released a brief statement on Sunday accepting the consequences.
In a rare Sunday session, the Senate voted to reauthorize the bank. Steve Inskeep talks to David Wessel, director of the Hutchins Center on Fiscal & Monetary Policy at the Brookings Institution.
It's been a week since the U.S. and Cuba reopened their embassies in each other's capitals. Next up will be appointing ambassadors. Until then, Jeffrey DeLaurentis is the U.S.'s man in Havana.
A security gap on the world's most popular smartphone operating system was discovered by security experts in a lab and is so far not widely exploited. The malicious code would take over instantly.
Members want to move beyond the protest hash tag. They met over the weekend in Cleveland with other advocacy groups to talk about how to push for real change in police departments and beyond.