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Mickey Rooney began his career as a toddler and starred with some of the biggest names in show business including Judy Garland, Elizabeth Taylor and Ava Gardner. He was at an Oscar party in March.
To kick off Poetry Month, we are crowdsourcing prose poems from our Facebook fans about their favorite neighborhood blocks, from Brussels to Tuscaloosa to the Bronx.
It wouldn't be a hockey game without a brawl — even if it's a charity match. Video shows police and firefighters throwing punches at each other. The team of cops beat the firefighters 8-5.
In New York City, people dressed as superheroes battled villains. Feathers flew in London, Paris, Bucharest and Berlin. In Vienna, one woman described being hit kind of hard in the face.
A key moment in the butchery occurred at the Ecole Technique Officielle. Thousands of Tutsis sheltering there were left to fight for survival after the school was abandoned by Belgian peacekeepers.
British musician Tom Jenkinson, a.k.a. Squarepusher....
"In the early days of electronic music, people were asking exactly the same question: Is this novelty?" The British artist Squarepusher, whose new EP features mechanical musicians, doesn't think so.