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When Annie Clark was assaulted in 2007 she said the response from her univer...
Survivors Annie Clark and Andrea Pino brought a Title IX complaint against the University of North Carolina. "This is not about UNC," Clark says. "We're not doing this to vilify our institution."
Royal elder Prince El Hassan bin Talal talks to Robert Siegel about the country's role in fighting terrorism and extremism. He concludes that the Arab world needs more literacy to combat fanaticism.
On Sunday, CBS debuts Battle Creek, a new police drama set in small town Michigan that was dreamt up by the creator of Breaking Bad and executive produced by the creator of House.
Whitney Plantation owner John Cummings has commissioned stark artwork for th...
A New Orleans attorney has turned an antebellum plantation into a new museum. You won't find hoop skirts and mint juleps, but stark relics at a site devoted entirely to a realistic look at slavery.
Colson Whitehead's book, now out in paperback, was born of an assignment to write about the World Series of Poker. It's a sharp observational tale of poker: those who play it and how it changed him.
Hesburgh died Thursday. He was 97. He was an author, theologian and activist who took on the Vatican over issues of academic freedom. Hesburgh spoke with Terry Gross in 1990.