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Audie Cornish talks to NPR senior political correspondent Ron Elving about Attorney General Eric Holder's legacy of civil rights and its effect on communities of color.
NPR's classical producers Tom Huizenga and Anastasia Tsioulcas discuss a composition by U.S. composer John Luther Adams. "Become Ocean" is a symphonic piece that take its cues from the natural world.
NPR Blogger and astrophysicist Adam Frank takes to the streets of Seattle to tell Audie Cornish why he believes we ought to think of cities and nature in a more holistic way.
A new edition of the book Live From New York pulls back the curtain on the last 12 years of Saturday Night Live. Author Jim Miller says SNL is a more professional place than when the show began.
Police in Berlin were carrying out a routine check when they found a man had an outstanding arrest warrant. He didn't have money to pay the fine — until he tried the slot machine one last time.
Residents of a Belgium city were sick of the congestion and noise from trucks rumbling between the local brewery and a nearby bottling plant. Construction on the pipeline begins next year.