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Eddie Henderson's latest album is Collective Portrait....
A veteran of both music and medicine, Henderson got his first trumpet lesson from Louis Armstrong, played in Herbie Hancock's band and once had Thelonious Monk as a patient.
Before a Lakers game this season, Adrián García Márquez and the rest of t...
How do you become a sportscaster when you've never done it before? Adrián García Márquez, now La Voz De Los Lakers, faked a demo tape with the help of a Sega console and FIFA '95.
The Federal Aviation Administration has unveiled a long-awaited proposal for rules governing the use of small drones. If approved, the rules could expand the use of drones throughout the country.
Last month, the NBA's Suns made history when for the first time, two sets of brothers played for the same team at the same time. One set of siblings competes with each other, while the other supports.
Libya's oil terminals — like the Brega refinery and oil terminal, pictured...
The man who runs Libya's national oil company is struggling to resume production amid conflict and falling prices. A functioning oil industry might define whether Libya is a nation or a failed state.
Polish filmmaker Agnieszka Holland, whose films explore fascism and communist oppression, is guest-directing the new season of House of Cards. Host Indira Lakshaman asks Holland about the political undercurrents in her work.