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The former Republican governor of Florida and the brother and son of 2 former U.S. presidents, has essentially kicked off the presidential campaign with a pre-announcement announcement on Facebook.
Lawyers will be in federal court to argue that the state should not be allowed to resume executions in January, as planned. Last spring, a botched execution caused the state to revise its protocols.
The adjournment brought the 113th Congress to a formal close. Democrat Harry Reid ended his run as majority leader, as Republicans take control of the Senate next month.
Author Ahmed Rashid talks to Steve Inskeep about how Pakistan's political climate helped to foster Tuesday's horrific attack on a school in Peshawar. More than 140 people were killed.
Aides say Obama will sign a bill authorizing new economic sanctions against Russia in retaliation for its ongoing interference in Ukraine. Russia's economy is reeling from earlier western sanctions.
Jon McAchran proposed to his girlfriend Ashley while skating on an ice rink beneath the Eiffel Tower. An AP photographer was taking pictures of tourists and captured Jon giving her the ring.