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In many cities it is now illegal to feed the homeless. NPR's Rachel Martin talks to Robert Marbut, the man behind the push to make handing out food a crime, who favors getting people into programs.
Facing declining sales and rumors about quality, McDonalds has launched a social media campaign focused on the public's questions about its food. But is it a case of too much information?
Two Americans jailed in North Korea have arrived home. NPR's Rachel Martin speaks with former U.S. Ambassador Bill Richardson, who has previously negotiated hostage releases with Pyongyang.
Despite broadband, AOL is still going strong. Around 2 million people still subscribe to the company's dial-up service, ringing in the '90s one modem at a time.
"Wannabe," by the Spice Girls, is the catchiest song in the U.K., according to a new study. NPR's Rachel Martin speaks with Ashley Burgoyne, a computational musicologist from the University of Amsterdam.
American troops are marking the 10th anniversary of the bloodiest battle of the Iraq war, Fallujah. In this For the Record segment, NPR's Rachel Martin asks service members if the battle was worth it.