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Charleston's Emanuel AME Church will reopen for the first time since Wednesday night's mass shooting. The suspect, Dylann Roof, remains in custody under a suicide watch.
For more than 100 years, the Boston Post Cane has been awarded to the oldest residents of 700 small New England towns. More than 400 of the canes are still in circulation, passing from one elder to the next. But it's becoming harder to find people who appreciate an award for being old.
Migrants from Syria and other nations are fleeing to Europe not just by sea but also over land via Turkey. In Bulgaria, one of the European Union's poorest nations, about 1,000 people used to cross the border in a year. Last weekend alone, 650 people tried to cross, most of them unsuccessfully.A version of this story originally aired on All Things Considered on June 17, 2015.
New York state has banned fracking, but it is considering a plan to allow fracked gas to be stored under Seneca Lake — which isn't sitting well with residents of the state's Finger Lakes region.
Apatow (who dressed up as Harpo Marx for Halloween in 1975) was one of the y...
Judd Apatow discusses his new book Sick in the Head; critic Justin Chang says the Pixar movie Inside Out reduced him to a sobbing wreck; and a conversation with comedian Kumail Nanjiani.
Kurdish fighters have recaptured a strategic Syrian city from the so-called Islamic State. NPR's Scott Simon talks to Joshua Landis at the University of Oklahoma about the Kurds' strategy.