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Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky is expected to throw his hat in the presidential ring on Tuesday. His father Ron Paul ran for the nomination as the standard-bearer for the Libertarian wing of the party.
The U.S. pulled out its diplomats and other personnel out of Yemen as Iranian-backed rebels advanced. Saudi Arabia is leading airstrikes to counter those rebels and civilians are caught in the middle.
Chicago voters head to the polls Tuesday to decide if Mayor Rahm Emanuel will get another term in office. He faces Cook County Commissioner Jesus "Chuy " Garcia in a closely watched runoff.
Critics of an agreement on Iran's nuclear plan say it would make the world a more dangerous place. President Obama sat down with Steve Inskeep to lay out his argument against those skeptics.
As the U.S. continues airstrikes in Iraq on the self-proclaimed Islamic State, also known as ISIS, one major concern is the conduct of de facto U.S. allies in that fight: Shiite militias.
Al-Shabab's deadly attack on a college in Keyna illustrates the changing face of the militants. Al-Shabab emerged in Somalia but now its described as a transnational network across East Africa.