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The Library of Congress released the rather racy love letters former President Warren G. Harding sent to his mistress. (This piece was originally broadcast on All Things Considered on July 29, 2014.)
China, home to the world's largest population of smokers, is looking at a draft regulation that would ban indoor smoking and tobacco advertising. One anti-smoking NGO says the government is weighing the loss of tobacco tax revenue against stratospheric health care costs in the future.
Pope Francis waves in Saint Peter's square at the Vatican. The pope heads to...
Pope Francis will meet with Turkey's Muslim leaders and the head of the Orthodox Church in what may be the most challenging trip of his young papacy.
Ari Shapiro speaks with editors from news outlets in Germany, Russia and Kenya about how the events in Ferguson are being covered and perceived abroad.
A remembrance of murder mystery writer PD James, who died Thursday at her home in Oxford, England.
There were multiple attacks targeting Westerners in Afghanistan's capital on Thursday, on the same day the Afghan parliament approved an agreement to allow some U.S. troops to remain the country.