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Mark Ronson is a music producer, DJ and guitarist who's recorded with Adele,...
The producer says there was a moment when his co-writers thought, "Maybe this song wasn't meant to be." He also describes working with Amy Winehouse and Bruno Mars.
The video-sharing website is now 10 years old. YouTube estimates that each day 432,000 hours of video gets posted on the service: a stunning record of our current civilization.
Sun Hi (Megan Lee), Jodi (Louriza Tronco) and Corki (Erika Tham) star in Mak...
K-pop — or Korean pop — makes its latest move toward the center of American pop culture with Nickelodeon's new show, Make It Pop. But beyond "Gangnam Style," how did K-pop evolve?
A bio-filtration basin, pictured during installation in 2007, captures water...
Golf courses are water hogs, and that thirst is especially notable as California's drought grows in severity. At Pelican Hill, a top golf course near Los Angeles, water conservation is an obsession.
The district attorney prosecuting the Aurora shooting case is pursuing the death penalty. The defense was rejected when it offered to have the suspect plead guilty in return for life in prison.
In Afghanistan, U.S. forces are a tenth of what they were at the height of the war. In addition, their lead combat role has given way to a training mission. How are Afghan security forces faring?